"we wanna get your goat"

Welcome to GoatFactory.com

The Goat Factory exists for the sole purpose of collecting classic Pontiac automobiles, particularly the famous GTO, or Goat.

If you have an Old Goat vintage 1964 through 1974, in any condition, the Goat Factory will take it off your hands. We pick up cars and parts nationwide and bring them to our Goat Barn.

Your Old Goat cars and parts will be carefully restored to usable condition and added to our growing family of collector cars. We don't sell parts and we don't send these babies to the crusher.

Give your old Goat a new lease on life. We wanna get your goat!

We collect certain Pontiac GTO, LeMans, Tempest, Firebird and Trans Am, and Can Am cars and parts. See the detailed list at right. If you have cars or parts in any condition, send us a fax and let him know what you have.

Contact Us

You can reach us two ways:

Click here to send an email to the Goat Factory, or

Send us a fax and tell us how to reach you to talk about your Old Goat!

Fax: (888) 790-3799

We Collect

  • GTO, 1964 - 74
  • LeMans, 1962 - 77
  • Tempest, 1962 - 77
  • Firebird, 1970 - 74
  • Trans Am, 1970 - 74
  • Can Am, 1977

Cars and parts, any condition!